Intrexx is the platform for the digital workplace. Create web-based applications to optimally control the processes in your company. Intrexx serves as an intranet, B2B portal and as a social collaboration solution. With Intrexx, all data flow together on a central platform.


In the visual application designer, you can use drag and drop to create the pages of your applications with ready-to-use components, thus minimizing the writing of code. This way, a powerful and large application is quickly created.


You can adapt new, but also many existing applications, individually to your company. And exactly according to your requirements.


Automate your processes by drag and drop. Create simple workflows to send automated emails or use the event-driven actions to create powerful workflows.


A short training period and the intuitive operation helps you to quickly set up a portal (intranet / extranet).


With the connectors for Intrexx you can integrate data from existing systems into your Intrexx portal.


This gives you a number of advantages:


  • No data is stored multiple times and therefore there is no risk of data inconsistency
  • More flexible processes
  • Customizable and expandable functionalities
  • Linking different systems from different manufacturers


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madile software is a young company that specializes in the development of web applications, particularly Intrexx applications.


In addition to our own developments, we also develop your application individually for you. Simply contact us by using the contact form or by phone.


As a certified Intrexx partner we know very well where to put attention when creating Intrexx applications and how we can develop your individual application which fit exactly to your needs.



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